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The Confident Woman: Understanding Confidence, Self-Esteem & Perfectionism

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When you became a lawyer, you did so because you enjoyed challenging yourself and that passion allowed you to help people in need who didn’t know where to turn.

And while the fire may still be there, the stress and expectations involved have probably led to a lot of self-doubt, long hours, and immense pressure.

You understand by now that healthy levels of self-confidence are important – but why? Simply because it determines how much you achieve in life, and because it has a major impact on your happiness.

Unfortunately, ambitious and driven women are often prone to quietly suffer from low self-confidence, self-doubt and perfectionism, which can hold them back from achieving their full potential.

Professional Development for ambitious Female Lawyers

Esteemed Wellbeing and Performance Psychologist, Dr. Melissa Weinberg, has dedicated her career to helping people like you reach peak performance and accomplish more, without forgoing their health or happiness.

That’s why we at The Fearless Institute, in partnership with Dr Melissa Weinberg are hosting The Confident Lawyer workshop.


About the Speaker: Dr Melissa Weinberg

PhD (Psychology), MAppPsych (Sport & Exercise Psychology), BAppSci (Psychology) (Honours)

Dr Weinberg is a psychologist, academic, and research consultant specialising in subjective wellbeing, resilience, trauma, and sport and performance psychology. Since completing her PhD in 2011, she was the Research Fellow of the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index at Deakin University and Senior Research Fellow at the Young and Well CRC. Melissa’s research focuses on measurement and methodological issues relating to subjective wellbeing, and she has authored book chapters, scientific journal articles, and research reports in this space. Her research has captured the attention of media outlets including ABC and CNN, and she has appeared on various TV and radio programs as an expert on the science of happiness. In May 2015 she delivered a TEDx talk on the topic. Melissa is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Centre on Quality of Life at Deakin University. Melissa brings her own personal insight into the unique challenges of the legal industry, belonging to a family of lawyers herself.


The focus of this workshop is to help participants gain a better understanding of how confidence and self-esteem develop, how they can be sustained, and powerful scientifically-tested strategies that can improve your confidence and personal wellbeing.


Do any of these sound familiar?

…If someone criticizes you, can you feel as though you really are incompetent?

…Are you quietly afraid of being judged or rejected by new people or clients?

…Do you often feel anxious that work you’ve completed isn’t correct, even though it usually is?


If so, The High Confident Lawyer is a workshop designed especially for you.


At The Confident Lawyer workshop, participants will:

Learn strategies to improve confidence

Learn how to balance personal life and work life even when things seem overwhelming

Gain a deeper understanding of how confidence and self-esteem develop

Consider how personality traits can help or harm your personal performance in the legal environment

Gain insight into how to better manage and cope with negative influences to recover your self-est

Understand how confidence, self-esteem and perfectionism influence your professional life.

Learn to effectively manage situations that threaten self-esteem or challenge confidence.

Reduce misalignment between personal and professional identities.


You’ll also engage in discussions focused on:

+ The meaning of confidence, self-belief and perfectionism

+ Increasing the likelihood of optimal functioning in stressful situations


Benefits included in your registration:

+ Morning tea

+ Lunch

+ Bring a friend and be rewarded! Invite your work-bestie to come along with you, let us know their ticket details, and you’ll both be rewarded with your choice of a Day Spa voucher, bottle of Moet champagne or an afternoon of office desserts.


The Confident Lawyer workshop has a limited number of tickets available, and once all tickets have been reserved, registration will be closed. Purchase your ticket now to reserve your spot, and join this group of ambitious, like-minded women.


Melinda Edwards

Melinda Edwards

Founder at The Fearless Institute
Melinda is the Founder of The Fearless Institute and The Rich Daily. She is passionate about the empowerment of bold women making their mark in the world, excellent wine, and Vietnamese food.
Melinda Edwards


November 9


8:00 am - 12:30 pm


$299 - $355


Melbourne City


Early Bird Ticket$299.00
General Ticket$355.00


Dr Melissa Weinberg
Wellbeing and Performance Psychologist PhD (Psychology), MAppPsych (Sport and Exercise Psychology), BAppSci (Psychology) (Honours)

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