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Discover Your 5 Signature Strengths to Thrive In Your Career

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(2 hour Workshop + 30 minute Strengths Test)
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Did you know the very basis of Positive Psychology and Performing Psychology tools that specifically help high achievers, is discovering, then focusing on your natural strengths?

It is the over-riding belief of most organizations and their managers that the talents and skills of a company and its employees should be built up from their weaknesses. The underlying premise is that weaknesses should be strengthened, leaving the stronger aspects to look after themselves.

In fact, say Buckingham and Clifton of the Gallup Organization (creators of the StrengthsFinder Test, included in this program), the opposite is true.

Gallup research proves that individuals, teams and entire organizations succeed when they play to their strengths. Therefore professionals will perform better and achieve more by concentrating on and utilizing his or her strengths. 

Too often, ambitious and driven women, in particular, fall into the trap of focusing on what’s holding them back in their careers rather than celebrating their strengths and moving forward.

There’s rarely enough recognition of enabling qualities, but rather a strong drive to fix perceived faults instead.

Be honest, do you know definitively what your personal strengths are, and how you use them to succeed?

Perhaps you constantly berate yourself for feeling disorganized or have a hard time arriving early to meetings. Whatever it is, there’s likely a few of your personal ‘weaknesses’ lingering in the back of your mind, that you can hold against yourself.

It’s easy to pinpoint and pick apart our ‘faults’, but how often do you stop to think about your aptitude for strategy, innate ability to learn on the job, or the empathy that enables clients to listen and trust you? Do you truly know what your strengths are?


Be honest, how frequently do you focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses?

Do you feel as though your productivity would skyrocket, if only you could improve your “faults” in some way?

Does the idea of letting go of everything holding you back, and yet driving your success even further, sound like a pipe dream?

If so, the Signature Strengths Workshop was designed specifically for you. Learn to bypass those obstacles and hone your focus in on what really matters.


Professional Development for Ambitious Female Lawyers

The Fearless Institute has partnered with respected Health Psychologist Dr Lauren Hamilton to present the Discover Your 5 Signature Strengths 90 minute online workshop.

This workshop will teach you how to determine your top 5 personal strengths and how to use them to succeed in work and life.

The little-known truth is if you focus on trying to improve your ‘weaknesses’, they will only ever hold you back. The focus of this workshop is to show you how to turn that perception around; identify, understand, and thrive using your strengths instead of constantly harping on improving your weaknesses.

This online workshop is designed to help you embrace your strengths – the qualities that have brought you to this successful point in your career today – and utilize them to create a more fulfilling life and an increasingly effective persona in the workplace.


About the Speaker: Dr Lauren Hamilton

Dr Lauren Hamilton is a Health Psychologist on a mission to help people create healthier, happier lives. Through workshops, private practice, media contributions and lecturing in post-graduate courses, Lauren shares evidence-based information and tools in a warm, engaging and practical way. As well as being a lover of the science behind wellbeing, she also lives and breathes the strategies she teaches. Lauren completed her undergraduate psychology training at the University of Queensland and her doctorate in health psychology at Deakin University for which her dissertation examined the psychological ability to adapt to life’s challenges. Lauren is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and has worked in a variety of settings including hospital, community health and private enterprise. She has experience with Lawyers as clients, friends and family, and has a deep understanding of the unique challenges they face.


Discover Your Signature Strengths will cover:

+ Uncovering your personal top 5 signature strengths, using the Gallup StrengthsFinder Quiz

+ The importance of focusing on and developing your strengths, not your weaknesses

+ The psychological research on strengths vs weaknesses and the roles they play

+ How to embrace your strengths

+ What strengths are and why your weaknesses don’t matter as much as you think

+ How building a strengths-focused life can make you more effective and make your work more fulfilling

+ How to build upon and make the most of your natural strengths in your work and personal life

You’ll also learn techniques that can help you to:

+ Cut back on wasted hours spent focusing on qualities that don’t matter as much as you probably think they do.

+ Truly thrive in life and work, using your personal signature strengths

+ Clarify roadblocks to look out for when building your strengths, and how to avoid them

This Professional Development online workshop is specifically designed to help you build a strong, successful life and make your work significantly more fulfilling.


Benefits Included In Registration:

By signing up for this online workshop, you’ll also receive a free access code to complete the Gallup Strengths Test ($20 value).

+ Discover your top 5 strengths using the Gallup StrengthsFinder Test (30 minutes) (purchase code provided to ticket holders)

+ The Gallup StrengthsFinder Test is designed to be completed prior to the Workshop commencing

+ Tools to help use the information to help you excel, both professionally and personally


You’ll complete the Gallup assessment before the online workshop begins, and along with Dr. Hamilton’s professional direction, use the information to assist you in discovering exactly how to thrive in the demanding professional and legal environments.

Start engaging in productivity; utilize your personal strengths to flourish in the workplace and put an end to focusing on your weaknesses.


Let The Fearless Institute help you build a stronger life, become more effective, and enjoy a deeply fulfilling career in law.

Purchase your ticket now to register for this empowering online workshop, and learn exactly how your amazing natural abilities can help you achieve even more than you imagined.

Melinda Edwards

Melinda Edwards

Founder at The Fearless Institute
Melinda is the Founder of The Fearless Institute and The Rich Daily. She is passionate about the empowerment of bold women making their mark in the world, excellent wine, and Vietnamese food.
Melinda Edwards


October 21


2:00 pm - 4:30 pm


$175 - $305


Melbourne City


2 Ticket Deal$305.00
General Ticket$215.00
Early Bird Ticket$175.00


Dr Lauren Hamilton
Health Psychologist

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