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About us

About The Fearless Institute

“Your confidence, resilience, and self-belief when the times are tough will be the ultimate determiner of what you’re able to achieve”

We provide CPD & CLE events with a luxurious difference, because we know you’re sick of the standard CPD snooze-fests.

Founded in 2016 by Melinda Edwards, The Fearless Institute is of the firm belief that a woman without fear can be an unstoppable force. We provide CPD and CLE events and training that is focused on you. Your success. Your confidence. Your mental wellbeing.

And while we like to have fun and create events that excite, at the core of The Fearless Institute is a strong passion for women’s empowerment and well-being. Now, more than ever before, ambitious women are mentally burning out by the age of 30. Often this is from self-imposed high expectations and harsh personal criticism. Women are working longer and striving for bigger goals, but rarely have the mental tools and strategies that help them take care of themselves along the way.

The Fearless Institute wants to change that.

We take a fluff-free, no BS approach to helping you leave your anxieties behind you and move ahead to do incredible things. Girls run the world, right?

Think Beyoncé, but less dancing.

We want a world of industrious, resolute women. You want to achieve your loftiest goals, reaching dizzying new heights in every area of your life. No more floundering in overwhelm, shaking in your Louboutin boots, overwhelmed at every turn. Or, in fact, at any turn.

We take some of psychology’s and neuroscience’s best-proven tools to give motivated, go-getter professionals, entrepreneurs, and people leaders an unfair mental advantage. And we don’t feel a bit bad about it.

Resilience. Unshakable confidence. Rock-solid self-belief.

These are the qualities that dreams are made of and, through our courses, programs, and events, we teach you to make them a reality. That’s right. We don’t give you those qualities; you learn how to master them yourself. Only then will they last a lifetime.

If you’re looking to mold your mindset and thrive in stressful situations, check out our upcoming events. Our workshops and events are designed with your interests at the forefront – the ambitious high-achiever with big things on her mind. Plus, we’re determined to include a little luxury and indulgence with every event, to make sure you leave feeling more empowered than when you arrived.

We know all about you. But in a good way.

You’re smart, successful, and Superwoman incarnate. But you’re also anxious. You’re overwhelmed. You don’t trust your own abilities. We’ve been there and we get it. After all, The Fearless Institute was created for women like you, by women like, well, you.

And this is why we delve deep into topics such as stress and resilience; ambition and achievement; and high-performance and fulfilment. We partner with psychologists that are experienced in stress, anxiety, and resilience, which allows us consistent access to the most experienced professionals, cutting edge tools and techniques, and up-to-date psychology and neuroscience research.

You’re looking for answers.

And, for your quest to be worthwhile, those answers must be relevant to you. We’ve spent years researching our content to ensure just that. And, because this stuff is all about you, we went straight for the nitty gritty, collecting brutally honest feedback from over 600 women through carefully designed studies into their wants and needs. So, we’re in the know when it comes to what matters to you the most.

For more information on our courses and events, head over to our ‘Events’ page or get in touch with any questions. Remember, The Fearless Institute is designed to be a safe haven for you and women like you, and our courses are your vehicles to a happier, less stressful life. Do yourself (and your cortisol levels) a favor. Be your best, fearless you.

Melinda & the Fearless team x

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